Laboratory System for the Characterization of Electric Motors (version ATC320/W and ATC320/DLT), pumps (ATC320/WP) and fans (ATC320/WF). In addition, it’s available also a special version for the compressors.

The ATC system are laboratory systems completely developed by e.d.c. and, even if it’s always possible to require some customizations, in the basic version it’s already full of functions concerning the reports, graphics, data comparison, printing, …

The systems are really flexible and can cover wide ranges of a kind of motors or different kind of motors. In fact, a system can be able to manage also different kind of benches (for example, an aeraulic bench and a bench with a brake) or different benches of the same kind but with different characteristics (for example, to benches with brakes, one active and the other passive, one for high power and the other for few KW motors).