ATC320/W is a laboratory system that acquires the electrical and dynamic characteristics of the electrical motors, powered in AC voltage (singlephase and threephase), or in DC voltage or through Inverter.

Through the execution of few tests in sequence, ATC320 / W automatically calculates the Engine Efficiency and all the different losses according to the EN 60034-2-1 Standard.

A wide family of active or passive braking systems is available to test motors from a few Watts to 600KW (See 4220/x.. Braking Systems datasheet).

The motors characterisation can be performed in Automatic Mode or Manual Mode.

ATC320/WM includes an Industrial PC with WINDOWS10 Operating systems.

It allows the saving of both the test configuration and test results.

The test results can be printed out either in graphical or tabular forms.

Test Performed:

  • No-Load Test
  • Load test
  • Locked Rotor Test
  • Thermal increase test at Nominal Torque or Mechanical Power
  • Life tests

Acquired Curves:

  • Torque Vs. speed
  • Electric power absorbed, mechanical power, efficiency
  • Voltages, current, current unbalance, CosFI
  • Torque stability, speed, currents, power absorbed, efficiency Vs. time
  • Winding temperature increment (ATC/Rx)
  • Life tests (ATC/VT)

Main Functions:

  • Display of the test results as a Display, Table or Graphic
  • Graphic visualisation up to 10 curves with 6 independent Y axes
  • Interpolation of the results curve (Spline or Best fitting)
  • Storing of the results in different format
  • Exporting of test result in pdf, CSV, Excel formats
  • Ethernet Interface for LAN connection

There are many options available, including:

  • ATC/CT test performed with the motor inserted in a thermal room. Automatic management of temperature and humidity testing conditions.
  • ATC/Rxx Automatic acquisition without sensors of winding temperature increment while the motor is running under load
  • Possibility to integrate different kind of power supply systems, to power the motor under test (DC, Electromechanical, Electronic Sinusoidal Power Supply, Inverter, ... with maximum Power 600KW)
  • ATC/CC automatic insertion of a Capacitor with the possibility to change its value during the test (for PSC Motors).
  • ATC/VT Software to perform life tests on the motor under test
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