TC2 is manual laboratory equipment able to manage e.d.c. passive brakes, in order to acquire the characteristic Torque-Speed of electrical motors, with the possibility to control the brakes both in speed and in torque.

In particular the TC2 allows:

  • The measurement of Torque/RPM characteristics
  • The acquisition of the operating point with maximum torque value
  • The acquisition of the start-up torque

These measurements can be performed on any type of electric motor (DC/AC/Brushless).

The TC2 must be used together with an EDC braking system (see the datasheet 4220/xx Braking Systems).

The TC2 manages the braking system:

  • By a Speed control or Torque control
  • In Open Loop or Closed Loop

By using the appropriate model of braking system, it is possible to perform tests from a few mNm up to 24Nm with speeds up to 20.000 RPM.