Noise Measurement Spectrum Analysis

This option can integrate and complete the option 320/NS for measurement of Noise. The system can manage from 1 to 3 different sound level meters (normally 1 sound level meter is sufficient). The model of sound level meter (bandwidth, accuracy, ..) the fixture (magnetic, with clamp, with spring, ..), the support structure, any soundproofing cabin necessary to isolate the external noise are developed, designed and / or selected based on the customer's needs and the station layout. production.

With this specific option, in addition to the acquisition with comparison (with a suitable nominal value plus tolerance values or min-max) of the RMS and PEAK values, for a discrimination of the Go parts and NOGO based on these values (base option 320 / NS), the test is integrated with an automatic FFT analysis on acquired signals.

In fact, with this module, in addition to what the first module performs, it is possible to acquire and perform the following measurements:

  • RMS and Peak Measure of the Total Vibration Signal Vs. Time 
  • Spectral analysis (FFT) of Peak, RMS, Integral Values 
  • Analysis (with the possibility to set acceptance limits and threshold, to filter faulty parts) in various programmable bands (selected freely by the Customer)

One last note: when the Customer wishes to perform a good noise test, it is always important to remember that, especially if the test is to be performed in a production environment (or if high measurement accuracy is required), it is necessary to study the test station to integrate the test bench inside a soundproof cabin, in order to isolate the environmental noise and thus discriminate in the best way the "physiological" noise of the engine from that caused by product defects.
Code: 320/FFT-N