The ACS320/W systems are systems for the bonding of electric motor stator and armature windings.

Many different versions are available suitable for stators and armatures of motors from few Watt to 100KW, from 2 to 12 terminals.

It’s possible to perform the bonding on automatic line or for operator use, with single or double station workbenches or with multi-station rotating table.

The ACS modules can be integrated into the AST systems for the stators and the AAT systems for the armatures, allowing therefore only one system to perform in automatic sequence the test pre-bonding, the bonding and the test after bonding of the products.

The bonding is performed through the injection of a current into the winding to be bonded, supplied by special electrical generators.

These generators can manage the bonding process in two different ways:

  • Constant voltage
  • Constant current

The bonding process is fully automatic and it stops as soon as the winding temperatures reach the target values. The windings temperatures are acquired in real time and the relative incremental temperature curves are displayed on the computer’s monitor.

Different versions are available for:

  • simultaneously bonding of 2 or 3 windings
  • bonding of single-phase windings with thermal protector in series with the common terminal
  • three-phase stators with windings connected in star or delta configuration.

The systems ACS can be interfaced to automatic lines, for which as options can be supplied different types of workbenches (single station, double station, rotating table, …), or can be realized for operator use, with external or integrated workbenches, single or double station, multistation with rotating table, …

Applications made with ACS320/W