Kind user, on this page you can find information concerning the different modalities of the processing of personal data through the website (here under reported as “Website”), in accordance with the Regulation UE 679/2016 on the protection of personal data (“GDPR”).

Owner of the processing

The owner of the processing is e.d.c. electrical dynamic company s.r.l. (hereunder as e.d.c.), with legal head office in Enrico Cialdini street, number 37, 20161 Milan (MI).

Collected personal data and finalities of processing

  1. Personal data linked to the access to the Website (data of navigation) will be treated only in order to manage the navigation within the Website itself and to control the security of information in accordance with the applicable laws. The acquisition of the data of navigation is implicit in the use of protocols of Internet communication, because if they are missing it would not be possible to give you access to our Website. e.d.c. does not collect these data to associate them to other information about the users and in order to identify them in the future; nevertheless, these data, for their own nature may allow the identification of the users following the elaborations and associations with other information. Hence these data might be used by e.d.c. for the verification of possible responsibilities concerning computer violations committed on damn of the Website or through the Website. Saved this situation, data of navigation upper described are conserved only temporarily in respect to the applicable report.
  2. The personal data, given with the compilation of the modules within the Website, will be treated with the maximum privacy and in the respect to the GDPR principles, for the following finalities:
    1. to perform the activities necessary to considering the content of the module;
    2. commercial information, market surveys, dispatch of marketing and promotional material, even through fax, e-mail and/or newsletter;
  3. The personal data of people asking us for a job opportunity in e.d.c. are collected in the “Work with us” section of the Website (in this context we mean everything linked to any information relative to the candidate contained in the curriculum vitae, or acquired through the compilation of the relative module present in that Website page) and they are treated in order to evaluate the professional profile for a creation of possible business relationship. Especially it is important to underline that, because of these finalities, it is not required to supply data qualified as “sensible”, meaning data adequate to reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, also the ones describing genetic data, biometrical data aimed at identifying the physical person, data concerning the health, the sexual life or the sexual orientation of the individual.

Modalities of processing personal data 

Personal data are mainly treated through computer means. Operations of processing are performed in order to guarantee security and privacy of your personal data. We inform you that there will be neither the profiling of data, nor the acceptance of other automatized decisional procedures.

Juridical base of the treatment

The conferment of these personal data is optional, however its absence may lead to the impossibility of obtaining what has been requested.

With reference to personal data conferred in the Website section “Work with us”, their conferment is on voluntary base, without any consequence with the exception of the impossibility of evaluating the curriculum vitae and of forbidding the creation of a possible relation of collaboration.

Communication and transfer of personal data

In order for the fulfillment of the specified finalities, personal data might be communicated to:

  • public subjects for the compliance of the duties of law;
  • suppliers of managing services, conservation, insertion and elaboration of data in computer storages which will be considered accountable of the processing because of this finality.

Conservation Period

We will conserve the data for the whole necessary period requested for the finalities for which they had been collected and in order to comply with the applicable report.

Rights of the interested individuals

The subjects to which personal data are referred have the right to obtain the confirm of the existence or not of these data in any moment, and to know the content and the origin, to verify the exactness of them or otherwise ask for the integration, the update, or also the rectification.

Besides these individuals have also the right to request the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of the treated data in violation of law, meaning the opposition of their processing whenever they want to, for legitimized reasons.

The requests have to be addressed to:

  • e-mail
  • PEC 
  • Ordinary e-mail “e.d.c. electrical dynamic company s.r.l., Enrico Cialdini street, 37 - 20161 Milan (Milan)”
    We kindly ask you to indicate in the object: “Regulation UE 679/2016 on the Protection of personal data – Privacy code".

The present report about privacy is consultabile in automatic form on the most recent browsers that implement the standard P3P (“Platform for Privacy Preferences Project”) suggested by the World Wide Web Consortium (

Version published on date: March 18th 2019
Last update on date: September 13th 2019