Blocked Rotor Test

This test allows the Customer to acquire the value of torque with the rotor blocked in different positions in a round; with this test is therefore possible to detect of rotor defects. In the settings of the data it must be set the testing voltage and rated motor voltage. Because of this, it’s possible to test the motor at a reduced voltage but, thanks to the E.D.C. special Software, the acquired values are automatically standardized and corrected, in order to be reconsidered at the nominals. The sequence of execution of the test is the following: at the start-up the brake locks the motor shaft; then the motor is turned on, the electrical measurements are acquired (no read speed) and in the end the motor is turned off. The Customer can change the motor shaft position of a certain angle and then repeat the measurement for a certain number of angular positions, freely determined by the Customer.

The picture on the right shows the interface (in this case, graphic and table) of the test results, which are the Torque, the Current, the Voltage, the Current Density, the Electric Power and the CosFI.