AAT320/W is an automatic system for the testing of armatures of electrical motors. These testing systems may include very advanced functions, based on E.D.C.'s over 50-year experience in stator testing combined with a continuous study and research to let us always be able to propose the best product on the market. More than 400 systems AAT320W had been sold to different Customers, all over the world.

The systems AAT320W combine the maximus simplicity in use with the highest testing speed and real accurate measurements. AAT320W can include innovative tests such as:

  • Special Measurement of Welding Resistance also in armatures with internal connection wires to connect in parallel windings connected to different bars. The classic welding tests do not allow a correct measurement of the welding resistance due to the presence of internal connections.
  • Measurement of Partial Discharges during Dielectric Strength Tests (320/PDH). Guarantees 100% detection of defective armatures having the wire in contact with the metal pack. The classic Dielectric Strength Tests cannot identify this defect in all the cases in which the wire, in the contact section, is not damaged and therefore does not cause changes in current during the test itself. Defects of this type, until today, are identified exclusively with a visual control.

The systems AAT320/W include in the basic version all the measurements and essential functions e of saving, stamp and archiving of the testing results. The system allows the printing of many certificates in different languages and can allow also the printing of adhesive labels. The system has a software storage program both for the testing programs and parameters and of the testing results, preventive maintenance programs, calibration software and autodiagnostic software; in addition, are available remote assistance software and many different options, including the possibility to link to a local network through LAN.

There are different versions available of systems AAT320/W, on the base of which can of test the Customer wish to perform and of the production specifications. In particular, the AAT320/W systems can be connected to:

  • Automatic lines. In this case the test is static (the commutator bars are all contacted by a special plug. Normally the test of one armature is carried out in 2 stations in order to reduce the testing cycle (usually less than 3,5 seconds for 24 bars armature)
  • Manual benches, single or double station or multistation (rotating table), floor standing or table mounting, with automatic opening of the protection cover.
  • Integrated workbench for operator use, single or double station
  • Rotating benches. This is the most flexible solution. It is possible to test on the same bench armatures with different numbers of bars and mechanical dimensions. For this type of bench, the cycle time is 1 second for each commutator bar.
Applications made with AAT320/W