e.d.c. proposes different kind of braking systems, mainly shared in two groups: active brakes and passive brakes.

The active brakes are motors (with characteristics studied especially for the final application) to set in rotation and/or to apply a load to the motor under test. e.d.c. obviously supplies also the power supply for the active brake, allowing the Customer to set into the testing program the torque and/or the speed desired and managing therefore automatically the active brake.

The passive brakes group is divided into different categories:

  • Magnetic Hysteresis Brakes
  • Magnetic Hysteresis Brakes cooled with Compressed Air
  • Eddy Current Brakes
  • Powder Brakes

All these passive and active brakes can be associated to different kinds of e.d.c. systems (ATC, TC2, TAC, AMT, PAE, ATS, ...) and they’re selected on the base of the range of motors to be tested and on the tests that the Customer wishes to perform. The range of benches available (that can be associated to passive or to active brakes) is really wide and various ed it’s also quite common that the bench is directly designed and realized especially on the requirements of the Customer and on the tests that must be performed (load tests, test with the motor set in rotation such as Back EMF - Cogging - Friction, Vibration, ...).

All the necessary instruments and devices (load cells or torquemeters for the Torque measurement, accelerometers for the Vibration measurement, …) is selected and proposed to the Customer (normally, few alternatives) on the base of the characteristics of the motors to be tested and of the Customer’s requirements (required accuracy, …).