About us

Located in the Italian city of Milan, e.d.c. was founded in 1964 with the company quickly becoming the market leader for testing all aspects of electric motors and domestic appliances. Rapidly expanding in both size and expertise, in 1979 the company changed its name to

e.d.c. srl - Electrical Dynamic Company s.r.l.

A policy of ongoing investment in staff training has enabled the company to continue growing and has led to the development of increasingly sophisticated, innovative solutions. Since the early nineties, the company's technical and financial investment has been aimed towards the development of systems managed by industrial computers instead of the less flexible microprocessor control. This specialisation has enabled the creation of new innovative measuring systems to find faults previously undetectable by standard tests (welding resistance, partial discharge PDIV- Partial Discharge Inception Voltage, torque measurements on motors without using a brake system DLT Dynamic Load Test & DET Dynamic Electrical Test, ecc…). Our 50 years of experience, together with constant innovations, guarantee the quality and reliability of the 20,000 plus e.d.c. Testing systems installed in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

e.d.c. srl is a company certified ISO 9001-2015