ATS320/W Automatic Testing System for Generators and Alternators. This system, in addition to verify the electrical safety and the no load performances, if are included the necessary loads – active or resistive -, can allow to check the product under test also with load.

This system is normally developed on the base of the specifications required by the Customer, considering both the kind of tests (in fact, are available versions for the testing on automatic line or with manual use benches, integrated or stand-alone) and the characteristics of the generator/alternator or of the range of generators/alternators to be tested. Depending also on the characteristics of the products to be tested, it can be integrated passive resistive or active loads, in order to perform also load tests.

The system ATS320/W includes in the basic version all the measurements and essential functions e of saving, stamp and archiving of the testing results. The system allows the printing of many certificates in different languages and can allow also the printing of adhesive labels. The system has a software storage program both for the testing programs and parameters and of the testing results, preventive maintenance programs, calibration software and autodiagnostic software; in addition, are available remote assistance software and many different options, including the possibility to link to a local network through LAN.

The analysis functions of the generators/alternators can also be integrated into systems ATC320/W for the characterization in laboratory.

Applications made with ATS320/W