Legal memos and Disclaimer

1. Terms and conditions of use

1.1 - The Internet Website to which the present document is referred is an ownership of e.d.c. electrical dynamic company s.r.l. (hereunder e.d.c.), with a legal head office situated in Enrico Cialdini street, number 37 - 20161 Milan (Milan).

1.2 - The user acknowledges that the access and/or the use of the Website and the services offered by this one, are subordinated to the integral acceptance of the terms and the conditions of use stabilized as it follows here. In the case he/she is not willing to accept, the guest is kindly invited not to use the Website and not to download any material from it. Further terms and conditions, different from the present ones, might be applied to the performance of particular services or the sale of goods or to the use of other Website parts.

1.3 - The user must be an adult, meaning that he/she must be able to act in the way necessary for the correct use of the Website by accepting the present General Conditions and for the assumption of any responsibility coming from the use of it.

1.4 - The user acknowledges and accepts that the interaction with the Website leads to the integral acceptance of the present Legal Memos, of the Disclaimer and of any published document.

1.5 - The user commits himself/herself to interact with the Website (for example: navigation, form compilation, sending of e-mail messages including attachments, upload of contents, use of instruments of immediate communication, sharing of contents, interaction with profiles on social network ecc.) in respect of the applicable report and of the rules of use published by the respective owners.

1.6 - the user:

  • acknowledges that he/she will be considered responsible for any activity also the ones indirectly linked to him/her - considered illicit or detrimental (even only potentially) to the owner of the Website, his image, thus his rights and consequently the rights of thirds;
  • commits himself/herself to keep the Owner unharmed, to guarantee and release from liability in relation to any demand, of any nature, coming from thirds (private, public authority ecc.), connected, also indirectly, to any activity - even indirectly linked to him - illicit or anyway detrimental (even only potentially) to the owner of the site, his image, thus his rights, consequently rights of thirds;
  • acknowledges and accepts that technical data will be valued as instruments of proof with the aims previously described (e.g. log of sessions ecc.). These technical data are held by or in disposition of the Owner.

1.7 - Whenever the user is not willing to accept what has been decided in the Website, he/she will have to immediately abandon the navigation/the interaction with the Website. The navigation will be considered as a conscious acknowledgment of any content and an integral acceptance without any reserve.

2. Intellectual and industrial property

2.1 - Each right on the Website contents (e.g. texts, images, distinctive signs, audio files and videos, thus the Website architecture) is reserved to e.d.c. or to legitimized owners of this ones, in accordance with the national report and the international applicable one.

2.2 - The contents of the Website pages cannot, neither totally nor partially, be copied, reproduced, transferred, uploaded, published, distributed or shared without the prior consent written by the owner of the Website, with the exception of the faculty of reproduction and communication, within the limits established by the law, and the possibility of storing them in one’s own computer or of printing extracts from the pages of this Website, only for personal use. In case of lack of the prior consent, written by the Website owner or by the legitimized owners, the use of distinctive signs used on the Website is strictly forbidden.

2.3 - Any form of link to the present Website, if put by third subjects must not cause any damage to the e.d.c. image or its activities. The “deep linking” is forbidden too. This is, on websites of third subjects, the use of parts of the Website or the direct link to the pages without going through the home page of the Website.

2.4 - Any material sent to e.d.c. described as of non-confidential nature, as this last one does not assume any duty in relation to these materials Whoever sends any material guarantees that this can be published, by accepting and committing himself/herself to keep unharmed and release from liability the owners of the Website from any third parts’ actions in relation to this material or the violation of the applicable report, for example concerning right of author, or the safeguard of the intellectual property, or concerning the treatment of personal data.

2.5 - The possibile non-observance of the present dispositions, excepts from an explicitly written authorization, will be prosecuted in the competent judiciary civil and penal head offices.

3. Warranties and responsibilities

3.1 - E.d.c does not guarantee the continuity of access neither the correct visualization, the download or the use of elements and of information within the pages of the Portal, which can be blocked, obstructed or interrupted by factors or circumstances outside of its control.

3.2 - Texts, information, other data published or accessible through form within the Website, have an exclusively informative and non-contractual aim, with the exception of it being differently exposed or established according to the applicable report.

3.3 - E.d.c. will not be considered responsible for any direct or indirect damage, caused by the use of this website, by the incapacity or the impossibility to accede it, by the custody of the news contained in it or by its use.

3.4 - Information might be modified or updated without a prior warning

3.5 - Although the services and/or the contents of the Websites have an undetermined duration, e.d.c. preserve the right of closing, suspending or interrupting the performance of services or the Website in general in an unilateral way, in any moment and without a prior warning, 3.6 - The user acknowledges that the Website Manager will never be considered responsible for any information, content, product and service offered or supplied through the Website by third parts or entities, including the ones with which the Website activated a connection link, and for any other content, information or anything else contrary to then applicable norms in the resource of the third linked to the attached link. Whoever decides to visit a linked website, will do it by assuming his/her own risks, also accepting the responsibility of taking any measure and caution necessary to face viruses or other destructive elements.

3.7 - The linkage to other sites does not mean that e.d.c. is affiliated with the entities that perform services described in those websites.

3.8 - E.d.c. will never be considered responsible for damages to thirds because of the wrong, pernicious and/or non-authorized use of materials contained in the Website, meaning the transmission of possible virus able to infect the technological equipment used by the guests of the same website.

4. Personal Data

4.1 - Referring to the processing of data of users/clients that look through the website or that ask for accessible services through telematic means starting from addresses specified in the previous point 1.b, we communicate that these data will be treated in conformity with the European Regulation 2016/679 of the 05/26/2016, with the modalities described in the specific Report written according to art. 13 of the mentioned Decree and for the finalities concerning the correct performance of the requested services, excepts from any other and wider consent given by the client. We consequently send the General Privacy Policy, meaning the specified reports potentially published.

5. Changes of conditions of the Website use

5.1 - e.d.c. maintains the right of producing changes to the present General Conditions published on the Net on the Website, in an unilateral way and in any moment.

5.2 - The user has to take a look at the General Conditions in place constantly. In each case, while e.d.c. will warn of possible changes of General Conditions through the Website Home Page.

5.3 – Anyway e.d.c. will preserve all the previous versions of the Conditions of use.

6. Law and jurisdiction

With the exception of the potential applicability of the imperative norms:atta salva l’eventuale applicabilità di norme imperative:

  • the fulfillment and the interpretation of the present Conditions of Use is controlled by the Italian law;
  • the Milan Forum, Italy, will have jurisdiction and esclusive competence for any potential controversy anyway connected to these conditions. Nevertheless e.d.c. reserves the power of operating, whenever it feels necessary, under the judgment in front of the Tribunals of Countries or cities different from Italy or Milan, in order to protect its own interests and see the respect of its own rights.

The previous versions are saved in the head office of the Accountable.

Version published on date: March 18th 2019
Data ultimo aggiornamento: September 13th 2019