Laboratory Systems and Instruments

e.d.c. proposes a wide range of systems and instruments for the analysis of windings, motors, pumps, fans, compressors, … both from the insulation quality of the used materials and processes point of view and from the performances point of view and from the products response after an intensive/continued use (life tests) point of views.

More in deep, in this category there are 3 types of analysis:

  • Partial Discharges Measurements, for the analysis and real measure of the quality of the insulation materials and of the production processes applied to the product under test
  • Characterization of the product under test, normally with no load and load tests (and, obviously, with special tests for fans or pumps or…)
  • Life tests, which mean systems suitable to manage multistations, each station with a testing cycle autonomous from the other stations, with configuration of the desired testing cycle and the related number of repetitions to be performed automatically for each station

The braking systems (active or passive) can be associated to systems for the motor under test characterization, to system for life test and also to production systems, when the Customer wants to perform tests applying a load and/or setting in rotation the motor not powered.