This is a family of equipment used to simulate the safety faults of the products to be tested, that the testing system should identify.

The 9120 fault simulators are used for the daily checking of the correct functionality of the production testing equipment and, even if very useful for whichever Company, they must be used in Company’s certified ISO 9000.In fact, the ISO9000 certification requires that every day, before starting to use the test equipment, it’s performed the check of the testing systems, in order to be sure that they’re perfectly working and able to correctly identify the eventual insulation faults into the products under test.

9120 systems include fixed loads that are designed to check all the safety tests. In particular:

  • Earth Continuity Test
  • AC Dielectric strength test, (Hi Pot - Flash Test)
  • Insulation resistance tests
  • Leakage Current Test

The instrument 9120S is proposed in the standard version with fixed loads, chosen by e.d.c.

In any case, it’s always possible to ask for special and customized version of the fault simulator, based on the product to be tested and on the tests to be performed.

An alternative to the instrument 9120 (which requires an operator that physically uses it) is to insert into the computerized testing system (of whichever kind: motor testing system, stator testing system, …) the Autotest function, which doesn’t require any physical operation to the operator. In this case, the verification will be done automatically by the testing system through a special testing program to be used daily, before to start the product testing. This is an option to be directly add to the testing system.

It’s also possible to ask for the realization of faulty products, modifying any part adding one or more specific defect, to be used in alternative to the instrument 9120 or in addition, if are simulated faults related to additional tests compared to those covered by the 9120S instrument.