Armature Testing

e.d.c. proposes different solutions for the armature testing. The first division into this wide category can be done between the manual testing systems (category 7120) and the automatic testing systems (category AAT).

Into the 7120 category, there are mainly two testing solutions: the system 7120B+C for the manual testing of small size armatures and the system 7120HA C for the manual testing of medium - big size armatures.

Into the AAT category for the automatic armature testing, are available two different testing technologies: AAT320/WR, rotative solution (less fast but more flexible about the acceptance of a wide range of armatures models to be tested), or AAT320/W with Manual Workbench, for Automatic Line or AAT320/WI with Integrated Workbench, in which the armature in test is inserted into a suitable measurement plug (therefore less flexibility in accepting a wide range of armatures models to be tested but really high speed in performing the testing cycle).