Manual Measurement of Torque - RPM

For those who wish only to perform the acquisition of the characteristic Torque-Speed of electric motors, e.d.c. proposes the instrument TC2. This equipment able to manage e.d.c. passive brakes, with the possibility to control them both in speed and in torque.

In particular, TC2 allows:

  • The measurement of Torque/RPM characteristics
  • The acquisition of the operating point with maximum torque value
  • The acquisition of the start-up torque

These measurements can be performed on any type of electric motor (DC/AC/Brushless).

The TC2 must be used together with an EDC braking system (see the datasheet 4220/xx Braking Systems).

The TC2 manages the braking system:

  • By a Speed control or Torque control
  • In Open Loop or Closed Loop

By using the appropriate model of braking system, it is possible to perform tests from a few mNm up to 24Nm with speeds up to 20.000 RPM.

Product used for Manual Measurement of Torque - RPM