AST320/WI - Integrated Workbench

The system version WI has a compact, floor standing structure, with integrated single or double station workbench.

In addition to the standard layout with the testing station(s) is/are protected by transparent sliding cover(s), are available also alternative versions (vertically sliding or with bump opening, with manual or automatic opening and/or closure, with optical barriers, …) and it’s always possible to get a version designed and realized ad hoc, for a specific Customer and product.

On the basis of the production needs and of the characteristics of the stators to test, e.d.c. is always available to propose standard solution or to study, design and realize a customized solution, which perfectly satisfies both the requirements of speed, simplicity and comfort in use, safety, precision of the measurement performed.

In case the Customer needs sometimes to test stator with dimensions that don’t allow it to fit into the bench, are available suitable accessories that allow to test these stators out of the bench, satisfying anyway the safety requirements.

Category: AST320/W
Code: AST320/WI