Medium Voltage Windings Testing

For the testing of turns, coils and complete stators of motors/generators powered with Medium Voltage, e.d.c. proposes the special system AST320/WH, designed especially for this purpose.

AST320/WH allows the testing of both form-wound stator coils and stators for motors/generators with medium voltage supply. The system has been made to test windings of stators and form-wound stator coils for motors and generators with rated voltage up to 30KVac. User friendly software helps the operator to easily move from one test to another and to connect or disconnect the product. The winding to be tested is connected with two HV cables with sense wire. AST320WH is designed according to: EN60034-15 and IEEE std 522 – 2004Several Models are available with maximum Surge Test 12-30-45-60 KV.

Category: Windings Testing