AST320/W with Manual External Workbench – Operator use

This version of stator testing system is characterized by the maximum flexibility and customization. The system can be developed for stators from 2 to 24 terminals and the external workbench, even if different standard proposals are available, is normally designed and realized in order to perfectly satisfy the requirements of the stators to be tested and of the Customer production department.

In fact, there are really many versions available and it’s also quite common that the bench is completely designed and realized ad hoc, for that specific Customer. The bench can be compact, to be placed on a table or floor standing. It can be single or double station or a multi-station rotating table. The protections can be physical, with covers horizontally or vertically sliding or bump opening, with manual or automatic opening and/or closure, or can be used optical barriers. The connection accessories are proposed on the base of the terminals of the stators to be tested and is possible to have more connection accessories (clamps, connection units, … of different models and for different terminals dimensions) interchangeable, in order to reach the maximum flexibility and to be able to test a really extended range of stators.

Moreover, it’s also available a special accessory that allows to test big dimensions stators out of the bench, in safe way.

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Applications made with AST320/W with Manual External Workbench – Operator use