Production Test for the identification of the PDIV

This type of test CAN MEASURE THE QUALITY OF THE INSULATION (materials, process), comparing easily: in laboratory, different solutions/process/materials, to identify the best one (also considering the relation quality-price), in production, all the stators in test, to guarantee that the quality of the insulation of each stator produced is at least the same (if not higher) compared to the first master produced in laboratory.

In the picture 1, it is shown another typical fault: there’s a part of the wire in wrong position compared to where it should be as per the presence of the phase separator. In this case, if the wire is well insulated, the standard Surge Test cannot detect any variation in the typical parameters (Inductance and Energy Loss). Instead, using the PDIV test in production mode, it’s possible to filter this condition as the overall insulation quality of the stator will be considerably decreased compared to the standard expected.

In the Picture 2 it is shown the graphic related to the PDIV Pulse.