Skin Test

In the most requested version, the Skin Test is a particular version of Dielectric Strength test in AC Voltage.

Normally, the Dielectric Strength test in AC Voltage is performed between the terminals of the product under test and a point of the mass (stator pack, external case of the product, ...).

However, when the customer requests to consider the entire external surface of the product being tested as a mass reference on which to measure the possible presence of resistive current, E.D.C: proposes the Skin Test.

On the basis of the product, the laying for the product under test is developed, which allows the effective massing of the entire surface of the product. Obviously, here the level of customization of the "bench" part is very high.

In the picture, for example, a special case with a specially selected conductive sponge is shown to allow the Skin Test to be performed on a hair dryer; in this case the test is performed by an instrument dedicated to the Dielectric Strength Test 8170CF in a special version.

A very useful enhancement of this test is certainly the measurement of partial discharges performed together with the Dielectric Strength / Skin Test (Option 320 / PDH).