AST320/W for Automatic Line

The systems AST320/W can be integrated into an automatic production line. Thanks to the high level of flexibility and customization that e.d.c. proposes to its Customers, it will be the system AST itself with its hardware and software interface modules to adapt to the characteristics of the automatic line in which it will be integrated. In particular, in addition to the PLC interface (available with only the basic signals or in extended version, with – for example – the indication of which specific tests caused the fault result), the system can be configured in order to interface with the line and the network using the kind of communication selected by the line integrator and/or the final customer. Starting from a simple file exchange through LAN up to a complete interface mode with a system as SAP or other, e.d.c. will develop all the software modules necessary in order to integrate the system perfectly into the line and receive and send all and only the data defined.

In addition to supply the only testing system, e.d.c. can also supply the benches to be integrated into the line. These benches are designs and realized in order to be perfectly integrated into the Customer’s line, keeping in consideration also the testing time and the line time targets. Many different solutions are available, with the integration of a part of the line included into the bench, ore multi-stations rotating table or other solutions to be studied and realized on request.

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