Windings Testing

e.d.c. proposes different testing solutions for all the kind of windings (for the armatures, please refer to the dedicate section Armature Testing). In particular, the systems for the windings can be shared into 4 categories:

  • Stator testers
  • Coil testers
  • Bonding systems for stators/coils*
  • Medium Voltage Windings testers

* About the bonding function, there are two possibilities: if the Customer needs to perform only the bonding, it’s available the dedicated system ACS320/W; if instead the Customer needs – in addition to the bonding – also the stator / coil testing, it’s available a suitable option (320/ACS) which allows to integrated the bonding function into a complete testing system.

The systems can be integrated into an automatic line or they can be designed for operator use, eventually associated to work benches external, integrated, single station, double station, multistation, rotating table, ...