The bonding function can be performed by 2 or 3 generators, working in parallel. On the base of the min-max diameter of the winding wire and of the related current density, e.d.c. will choose the generations suitable for the application, which will allow to perform the bonding in the best and fastest way possible.

The systems ACS320/W are dedicated to the only bonding and can be integrated into an automatic line or be realized for operator use, eventually associated to work benches external, integrated, single station, double station, multistation, rotating table, ...

Alternatively, it’s possible to integrate the bonding function into testing systems, in order to allow the configuration of a tests cycle which includes also the bonding function; everything (tests and bonding) performed in automatic sequence.

The systems have different control systems and alarms, both software and hardware, in order to guarantee the correct bonding process in full safety.

Category: Windings Testing