These automatic computerized systems are designed and realized for the testing of Brushless Motors (in production or also in Quality Laboratory - R&D).

As the other e.d.c. systems, also the AMT320/WB system can be configured with the tests that the Customer wishes. Therefore, the system can perform passive tests (Electrical Safety Tests, Ohmic Resistance, Inductance, Dynamic Back EMF, Traditional Back EMF, Measurement of Friction and Cogging Torque – these last through a suitable bench with active brake), as well as no load test, as well as tests with the motor under test loaded, acquiring Torque – RPM – Efficiency – Torque Ripple, as well as checks and/or calibration of the eventual sensors on board (Encoder, Resolver, Hall Sensors).

More in deep, the systems can work on automatic line or be realized for operator use and can perform only tests without any coupling or be coupled with an active brake (on the base of the testing requirements of the Customer). E.d.c. designs and realizes the bench solution (single, double, multistation) for tests with no load or accessorized for the tests with load/active brake associated.

Among all the tests, some of them are particularly innovative and interesting:

  • 320/PDIV (Partial Discharges Test). Check of the Inception Voltage of the Partial Discharges, really important – almost mandatory – for the motors driven by inverter, performed conforming to EN 60034-18-41
  • 320/D-BEMF Dynamic Back EMF Measurement: Measurement of the 3 signals generated among the phases (Back EMF signal) during the natural deceleration of the motor under test. This test DO NOT REQUIRE any mechanical external device to set in rotation the shaft of the motor under test.
  • 320/BEMF Standard Back EMF Measurement: Measurement of the 3 signals generated among the phases (Back EMF signal) at a certain rotation speed with FFT analysis and measurement THD of the harmonic distortion of the 3 signals generated (Back EMF signal). This test requires that the shaft of the motor under test, not powered, is set in rotation from an external device.
  • 320/HALL Phase coherence check among the Back EMF signals and the three signals of the Hall Sensors
  • 320/ENC testing of the Encoder with the check of the absolute position over the 360° of every peak of the encoder signal
  • 320/RV Resolver Check
  • 320/FT Measurement of the Friction and Cogging Torques
  • 320/TQ Measurement of Torque – RPM
  • 320/RTD Measurement and Spectral Analysis of the Ripple Torque
  • 320/VIB + 320/FFT-V Vibration Measurement with Spectrum Analysis
  • 320/NS + 320/FFT-N Noise Measurement with Spectrum Analysis
Category: AMT320/W
Code: AMT320/WB

Tests available for AMT320/WB