The AMT320/WF systems are designed and optimised for the complete testing of fans in production. Several versions are available for DC, AC Single/Threephase and/or Brushless fans (from few Watts up to hundreds of KW).

Normally the AMT320/WF systems are supplied together of the testing bench for the fans, optimized for a fast insertion of the products to be tested. The benches can be integrated or separated from the testing systems, up to 4 external stations or rotating tables, and also optimized to be put into a semi-automatic line, in case the testing is perform through operator un a line. Therefore, many different kinds of benches are available and often they’re designed on request.

Particularly interesting are the EDC sensors WITHOUT CONTACT for the RPM measures, sense of rotation and direction airflow.

Also, customised tests are designed to check electronic circuits integrated into the product.

e.d.c. also designs laboratory systems for the complete testing of the fan with automatic acquisition of flow-pressure characteristic (see ATC320/WF).

Among the wide number of tests available, there are some special tests to be put in evidence:

  • 320/RPM Speed tests (RPM)
  • 320/RPM-DC Sensor less RPM Measurements on DC motors (by current analysis)
  • 320/DR Measure of Rotation Sense (CW or CCW) by magnetic sensor
  • 320/TR measurement of blocking rotor current without any mechanical blocking devices
  • 320/AIR measurement of air flow direction
  • 320/VIB + 320/FFT-V Vibration Measurement with Spectrum Analysis
  • 320/NS + 320/FFT-N Noise Measurement with Spectrum Analysis
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Tests available for AMT320/WF