These active brakes are the best solution for all types of motors. Several models are available for testing AC-DC-Brushless motors from 1KW to 600KW with speeds from 0 to 30.000 RPM. The main characteristics of these brakes are:

  • They do not need dissipation device (water, fans, …) The energy generated by the motor under test can be sent back to the main network.
  • Saving energy. To test a motor of 100KW the energy necessary is typically less than 20KW
  • Very high accuracy of Torque (0,2% or 0,1% or 0,05% of the full scale)
  • Complete Motor Characterisation from 0 RPM to 0Nm Torque
  • One model can measure motors with a wide range of torque. Normally one active brake can replace 2 – 3 passive brakes

Special versions are produced with higher values of maximum speed, in particular the 4220/AH models up to 8000RPM, the 4220/AHS models up to 15.000 RPM. Special versions for higher speeds

Accessories are available for mounting and regulating, braking systems and the motor under test, as well as brake calibration tooling.

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