Automatic Acquisition of the Characteristics of the Fans

Several benches are available to suit the maximum airflow rate requested and the International Reference Specification requested (ISO 5801-2017; AMCA 210-2016, IEC 61591, DIN 1952, DIN 24163, ISO5167-1 , etc..).

The system automatically acquires Pressures, Flow rate, Temperatures, Electric measurements, … ATC320/WF automatically sets the target airflow rate or pressure measuring points and acquires all the measurements from zero airflow rate up to the maximum airflow rate.

The fan characterisation can be performed in Automatic or Manual Mode.

ATC320/WF includes an Industrial PC with WINDOWS 7/10 Operating systems. It allows the saving of both the test configuration and test results. The testing results can be printed out either in graphical or tabular forms.

Acquired Curves:

  • Airflow Rate
  • Pressures (Static / Dynamic / Total)
  • Fan Power In, Fan Power Out, Efficiency (Total, Static just Motor, just Fan Section)
  • Voltages, Current, Current Unbalance, CosFI, RPM
  • Ambient conditions automatic acquisition (air temperature, barometric pressure, air density, …)
  • Winding temperature increment (ATC/Rx)
  • Life tests (ATC/VT)

Options available:

  • 2515/DYN the system can manage braking systems (see datasheet 4220/xx BRAKING SYSTEM) performing the same functions as the ATC320/W for the characterisation of electric motors (measurements of Torque-Rpm_ Efficiency, ….).
  • 2515/TQ it will be supplied a work bench to test just the fan without any motor. During the airflow test measurements, the fan is set at programmable speed that is kept constant for all the points acquired. In addition to standard values during the measurements are acquired:
  1. Torque applied to the fan
  2. Mechanical power applied to the fan
  3. Efficiency of the fan section only
  • ATC/Rxx Automatic acquisition without sensors of winding temperature increment while the motor is running under load
  • PWS Electronic DC-AC Power Supply up to 50KW.
  • ATC/CC automatic insertion of a Capacitor with the possibility to change its value during the test.
  • ATC/PWM Electric measurements with motors powered with an Inverter (PWM signals)
  • ATC/VT Software to perform life tests on the motor under test