Fault Simulators

In order to check daily that the testing system(s) actually identifies correctly products defects, e.d.c. proposes three alternative solutions:

  • Autotest Function integrated into the computerized testing system. In this case, the verification will be done automatically by the testing system through a special testing program to be used daily, before to start the product testing, which will determine the capability of the testing system to detect faults. This is an option to be directly add to the testing system;
  • Use of a suitable instrument (9120 in the version 9120S or in other special versions, realized on request), compatible with all the e.d.c. systems, which simulates the faults that the system must detect and, through a suitable testing cycle, allows the daily check that the systems correctly identifies faults;
  • The realization of faulty products (stators, armatures, motors, …), modifying any part adding one or more specific defect, to be used in alternative to the instrument 9120 or in addition, if are simulated faults related to additional tests compared to those covered by the 9120S instrument. On request, e.d.c. realizes some special box based on these modified samples, in order to make more practical the daily check of the system.