Flow-Pressure Measure (Static / Dynamic / Total)

For the characterization of the fans, the System ATC320/W can perform the Flow-Pressure Test. The Flow-Pressure Test allows the Customer to acquire the characteristic curve of the fan under test. It’s possible to set the initial and final pressure values and different middle points and the System ATC320/W will automatically perform the acquisitions (with manual closure of the nozzles, in benches conforming to AMCA 210-2007 and ISO 5801-2017 basic version, or with automatic closures of the nozzles with a suitable special option, in case the nozzle closure-opening is required to have a better accuracy). At the end of the tests, the System will built the complete pressure-flow characteristic curve of the product under test. The picture 1 below shows the interface of the parameters configuration of the test.

Above the typical interface for the results (graphic and table). When the test is finished, acting on Results function key, the Customer can access to the below interface which shows the pressure-flow curve and compare it with the three standard curves flow-pressure as described in the norm, putting in evidence the intersection points of these curves with the flow-pressure curve. See picture 2.