AMT320/W-DC is a computerized automatic system for the testing in production of DC Motors. Are available many different versions, for DC motors from few Watt to high power, with or without gearbox.

In addition to the standard tests, AMT320/W-DC can perform very innovative measurements, such as:

  • DET (DYNAMIC ELECTRICAL TEST): identifies torque problems of the motor in test without the need to couple whichever sensor to the motor shaft (testing time:3 seconds)
  • DLT (DYNAMIC LOAD TEST): measurement of the Torque – RPM – Efficiency without the need of mechanical brakes connected to the motor under test (testing time:3 seconds) (e.d.c. since 1995 proposes industrial systems with reduced costs to measure the Torque-RPM-Efficiency in production without the need of brakes (DLT) and/or sensors (DET) connected to the motor shaft.
  • PARTIAL DISCHARGES MEASUREMENTS and PDIV Test. These tests are really useful in identify faults that the standard tests cannot identify and to ensure the minimum quality level that the Customer wants on its products. (e.d.c. is the first European Company to study, since 1998, and propose new tests that allow identification of insulation problems between windings to GND and between turns of the same winding that the standard High Voltage and SURGE tests cannot identify. These problems produce failure of motors after short operating times - hours, days or weeks- in particular when the motor is driven by Inverter)
  • NOISE and VIBRATION MEASUREMENTS. The systems AMT can be interfaced to automatic lines, for which as options can be supplied different types of workbenches (single station, double station, rotating table, …), or can be realized for operator use, with external or integrated workbenches, single or double station, multistation with rotating table, …
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