AMT320/WP is a new computerised system optimised for the production testing of pumps and electro-pumps. There are different versions available, for DC, AC Single/Threephase and/or Brushless electro-pumps, with power up to 1MW.

Three versions are available:

  • AMT320/WPA is optimised for the testing of AC/DC electro-pumps with an air pressure leak test (testing pressure up to 6/10Bar)
  • AMT320/WPQ is optimised for the testing of AC/DC electro-pumps with test including water
  • AMT320/WPS is optimised for the testing of pump sections. The pump is forced to rotate at programmable speed and the RPM-TORQUE – HEAD –CAPACITY measurements are acquired. The pump EFFICIENCY is calculated in the different CAPACITY/RPM values.

AMT320/WQ and AMT320/WPS include HW interface for connection to hydraulic benches in which, through transducers the values of capacity and pressure can be found and calculated for the correspondent head.

Particularly useful is the option 320/IN that through the use of actuators to manage keyboards and optical readers to check the luminous state of Led enables the complete testing of pumps with built-in electronics.


  • Earth Continuity Test (Single Phase motors)
  • AC Dielectric strength test, (Hi Pot - Flash Test)
  • Start-up Test o No-Load tests (AMT320/WPA)
  • Load test (AMT320/WPQ and AMT320/WPS)


  • 320/TN Leak pressure test (only with AMT320/WPA) performed with testing pressure up to 6/10 bars and checking the pressure loss after a programmable time. These tests can be performed simultaneously with electrical tests.
  • 320/RS Resistance Tests with compensation for the temperature
  • 320/L Induction Tests (100/1000/10.000Hz)
  • 320/IS Insulation Resistance Test
  • 320/ASG Advanced SURGE Test
  • 320/PDH Partial Discharge Test during Dielectric Strength Test (HI-POT)
  • 320/PDS Partial Discharge Test during SURGE Test
  • 320/PDIV Partial Discharge Inception Voltage test
  • 320/TR Measure of the Rotor Blocked Current and Start-up Time without any mechanical devices connected to the pump under test
  • 320/RPM Speed tests (RPM) o 320/RPM-DC Sensor less RPM Measurements on DC motors (by current analysis)
  • 320/DR Measure of Rotation Sense (CW or CCW) by magnetic sensor
  • 320/FFT Noise and vibration tests with Spectrum analysis


  • Possibility to set automatically several capacity values
  • Acquisition of capacity – pressure values and head calculation
  • Test performed according to ISO 5198 and ISO9906
  • Only with AMT320/WPS it is possible:
  1. To set the pump rotation RPM by a controlled speed motor.
  2. Read the real torque applied on shaft
  3. Calculation of the efficiency in each testing point.

Several Models of Single/Three Phase Electronic Power Generators with frequency (from 50 to 400Hz) and Voltage (80-700V) regulations and power up to 1MW are available.

The systems AMT can be interfaced to automatic lines, for which as options can be supplied different types of workbenches (single station, double station, rotating table, …), or can be realized for operator use, with external or integrated workbenches, single or double station, multistation with rotating table, …

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