Digital Micro-ohmmeter

RM320 is a high-performance Digital Micro Ohmmeter suitable both for laboratories and for being integrated into automatic testing systems. The main features and functions are:

  1. Accuracy guaranteed in all conditions better than 0.1% of the reading value
  2. Resistance measurement is made of 4 wires
  3. 7 Full-Scale selectable automatically or manually 0.03 / 0.3 / 3/30/300 / 3.000 / 30.000 Ohm. Resolution 0.01mOhm
  4. Additional 3mOhm Full-Scale with option Opt. R-EX. Resolution 0,001 mOhm.
  5. Automatic temperature compensation with the possibility to select the law of variation of resistance as a function of temperature. Temperature reading through either  PT100 sensor to read the ambient temperature with accuracy +/- 0.1 ° C (Option PT100) or Infrared IR reader to acquire the product temperature (IR option) +/- 1 ° C
  6. Measuring times from 0.3 seconds, 1 second on very high inductive loads by activating the L-EX function
  7. Communication interfaces: USB - RS232 - Ethernet
  8. Possibility of entering limits
  9. Possibility of performing three sequential tests on 3 distinct products (Option M-EX)
  10. Possibility of automatic management from external PC (Option PC-EX)